Rachel Walton


I am a Digital Archivist and Librarian at Rollins College's Olin Library. 

In that role I work to acquire, preserve, and provide access to the College's digital assets. This includes, but is not limited to, digitized materials related to the history of the college, the published and unpublished work of its faculty and students, and any electronic records that merit long term retention. I also teach information literacy classes, meet with patrons one-on-one for research consultations, and co-lead digital humanities projects across campus. 

My research and scholarship centers on web usability, social media archiving,
research data management, and Open Access publishing. In my spare time, I 
like sipping cappuccinos, taking roads trips, and playing with my bulldog, Jackie. 

You can contact me at rwalton@rollins.edu or 407.691.1127.
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